Kenneth (FOUNDER)

My story in a nutshell...
What a whirlwind ride it’s been. I studied Bcom Law and LLB after which I went on to work in Finance for a few years. We then moved to Mauritius, missed home and came back. Soon after we returned I married the woman of my dreams and we started an events company called Afflon.

At the end of 2017, Youtube led me down a rabbit hole and I became obsessed with filming and photography which led to my first start up - a videography company, Behind The Vows (we film wedding videos).

Less than 2 years later, I stumbled across a Youtube video of a guy making a workbench and I was officially hooked. Working with raw materials like wood and steel has unleashed a passion I never knew I had - and today I am proud of the business Bark & Steel has grown to be.


Brandon (Co-OWNER)

At the time of creating this page, we still have not received his “about me” paragraph.

Still to busy working in the shop.

Check back soon.